First Date Conversation Starters and Ideas

There is nothing worse, when meeting someone for the first time, than that awkward silence after the initial greeting. Kick the silence into orbit with these conversation starters:

» How was your day?

» You look really nice, where did you get (item in question)?

» How was work?

» Have you seen any movies recently? How did you like it/them?

» What kind of music do you listen to?

» What sports do you play or like? How long have you played for?

» What interesting things did you do this weekend (week)?

» Have you ever been to (a local restaurant)?

» What kind of foods do you like?

» Where are you from?

» Where did you go to school/college?

» Have you read any good books lately? Was it interesting?

» What do you normally do for fun?

» Do you like (an interest of yours)?

» What's the neatest place you've traveled to?

» What's one place you haven't traveled to yet that you really want to go?

These simple ideas will get the conversation flowing and you will find out what the other is interested in. Be sure to listen carefully to what the other person says so that you can ask follow-up questions while learning new things.

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