Articles - the revenue generators for your website

Articles are a now a prime traffic generation source. Articles provide content and which accommodates your search terms and these can make you more popular among search engines. If you have a website then the idea is that you can create an article site which will have thousands of articles available for reproduction. These articles attract search engine and visitors towards your site. Once traffic is in your site they might click your affiliate links and advertising. If your articles can attract traffic then few visitors can even become your potential customers. So creating an article site or articles page is a profitable option in online marketing. When people will come to your site for articles then chance is that they might go through your site also. If you are planning to create an articles site or page then you need to remember few basic things before starting your work. Some of the most important points are detailed below. I hope these points can guide you to build a better article site.

Topic is the most important aspect of your articles. Before you start writing decide the topic of your articles. You should have topics which are relevant and current. Stale or steal topics can’t generate business for you. Articles site is required for generating revenue and you can’t afford to write unwanted articles in your site. Browse as many sites as you can, this gives you more exposure and you can come to know about more relevant topics through browsing. You can add your keywords in your topics this can get you easy visibility. If you are a site selling flowers then you should include every single topic related to flower, gardening and other relevant topics.
Once you are over with the topic pay attention towards designing your article page or website. In recent years articles sites have been mushrooming like anything. Every site looks almost the same, and it’s really difficult to differentiate among the sites. Try to make a site which looks different and talks about your theme. I am not saying being a part of the crowd is bad, but if you’ll become one of them why will any customer choose you after all it’s all about business, isn’t it? So make sure your article site or page is a little eye candy to catch the attention of your visitor.
If you are planning to make a site with thousands of articles and news then you better use dedicated software to make submission easy and hassle free. Today, you can find dedicated software in Internet which can help you in creating a good article site. Don’t rely on these sites completely but do view them for reference. These software help you organize your content and make your website look professional and easy to navigate.
Indulge yourself in subject
Don’t make article site just because of traffic generation. Try to make it worthy for every reader. Your whole article venture needs a lot of hard work and there will be numerous stages where you need to check the quality of your articles. Hence, you need to have knowledge about the subject and the topics that you have chosen. Visitor will take interest in your website when you’ll have interest in them.
Be Focused
Be focused in your approach. Initially it might happen that your articles will not generate traffic and you might think of a switch over. But, be wise and never forget that haste makes waste. Try to analyze why your site is failing to gather visitors. I know if you put little extra attention then you can easily find out the reason behind this. Only writing and uploading articles doesn’t complete your work, you need to market them properly so that it can reach to search engines and visitors.
Be Original
Write original content if you are using anything from other sites then don’t forget to mention the source. Your visitors browse several sites everyday and they might recognize that the content is not original. Don’t try to cheat while trying to ease burden. Search engines also ban sites which copy text from other websites. You can copy the text but try to modify it and write it in your language. Two people can have same thought but not word to word content.
Automatic Submission
If you don’t want to write all the content yourself then there’s a way out for you. Let others submit articles in your site. This is the most time consuming and profitable option for you. You must be having the list of authors who write for your website. You can ask them to submit latest articles in your site.
Search Engine Optimization
Creating a site or uploading content can’t get you any result; you need to optimize your website for search engines. Make sure you use proper Meta tags and Title tags in your website. You should use all the keywords in your website to make it search friendly. Another important factor is keeping the file name as short as you can. Your file name should explain the title of your article.
Newsletters and RSS Feeds
If you want to see your visitors coming back to your site again then you need to follow some basic marketing strategies like the newsletter. You can send a summery of latest articles every week to your visitor in a newsletter. It won’t take long time but it will inform your visitors about the latest updates. Another strategy is the RSS feeds. These are now the popular form of information providing system. You can have a snippet of your article for visitors and they can visit your site for the full article.
Be Customer Centric
Undoubtedly, you need to be concerned about the search engines as they are going to make you popular and help you reach your client. But, the nucleus is the customer, whatever you do should benefit the customer and your approach should be customer centric. Try to deliver quality work and you will be astounded to see the results.

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