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Blogs have now become the most widely used word in Internet fraternity. This is an alarming word which is used for entertainment and serious business. Now more and more businesses are relying on blogs and amazingly they are succeeding too. You can now find millions of blog posts in numerous blogging sites. Blogs are gradually picking momentum as more and more businesses are realizing the benefits of blog. You must have heard this word in various sites and portals. Blogging is now a common thing which every netizen knows and uses. Transforming this to a business tool need little knowledge and good writing skills. But, what exactly is this business blog? And what benefit it can provide for your business? If these are the questions popping up in your mind then read on.

Blogging all the way
Blog is basically a webpage containing articles, posts, reviews, in a nut shell writings. These are usually short, frequently updated write ups. Blog has come from the word web blog, which means writing in the web. Blog was started as the online diary where you can write your experience, moments and everything that you write in your diary. Jorn Barger is the mind behind the creation of Blog. It all started in the year 1997. But after two year, in 1999, there was a storm of blogs. Blogs became the talk of the town as almost all net users started blogging. Since then blogs were started mushrooming. They become thousands to millions. This new concept was influencing everybody. No matter what’s your age or how educated you are, now everybody reads and writes blogs. Blogs are broadly divided into the following two general categories.

Personal Blogs
Personal blogs are like the online diaries where you can write all you thought, events, imaginations and everything that you want. Ironically, blogs were created for personal blogging but later blogs were used for businesses. Personal blogging is a creative concept. As more and more blogging websites are providing free blog addresses, more and more people are now having their blog addresses. This is like creating an online journal, where people can read your opinion and can post their comments. Though initially blog culture didn’t prevail that much, but with the wide reach of Internet, blogs were introduced to everybody. As blogs give the opportunity to one side interaction so people use it to express there feelings, experiences and even grievances. Now you can find topics of almost any subject. From school to office, you name it and Internet will have a blog for that topic. People started using blogs for popularity than for just maintaining an online diary. These blogs are easy to create and upload. Even if you are not that techno savvy, you can easily create your blog. Hence blogs are now the most widely used activities on Internet. It’s same like having a messaging id or an e-mail id.
Business Blogs
Business blogs are the blogs which are used as a corporate tool to enhance business through communication. This concept of blogging isn’t that ancient. After the rapid increase of company and businesses online, these blogs came to existence. Companies started blogs to communicate with the employees and the customers. Blogs helped the communication process between the two so that they can share knowledge, experience and problems. Now these business blogs are sweeping the business community. Almost every company no has blogs. Whether you have a suggestion or a view, you can share it in your blog. And for companies, it’s an excellent tool to share the expertise of the company and attract more customers. Business blogs also features the content of your website along with the forums for discussions. These blogs help in communicating the ideas and services in it. Blogs are the most inexpensive way to reach to your client. As these blogs are easily accessible and readable, so are viewed by many people. As others your potential customer also views your blog and if they find it worthy then they contact you. Most of the blogs have a back link facility where you can have your company URL for your customers. Blogs are also easy to update hence these are easily modified.
Blogs and Small Businesses
If you have a business and a website then blogs can give you desired results. These inexpensive tools use content to lure customers. Blogs are the free promotions for your website. Blogs use simple software which is easy to use. You can write whatever you want then link it to resources and you can now publish your blog. Generating blogs involve only few buttons. There are numerous blog software companies, which offer you easy blogging tools to start your own blog. If you are a company with a limited number of employees then blogs cab work like a secondary website for you.
For small enterprises blogging can prove to be a low cost alternative to a website. You need your company visible in Internet but you don’t have the right resources or you can’t afford a team of designers and developers, then blogs are the inexpensive way to feature your company on the Internet. Simply you start blogging with your company name and leave your URL in comments; you’ll find more visitors coming to your site than from advertising. Neither you need to learn the intricacies of HTML, nor need you to look for a developer for every trifling change, blog can make your page without any hassle.
Updating your blog is easy. You don’t need any expenditure or any expert to perform changes. You can even do the coding and uploading yourself. This makes blogs more desirable than other promotional tools. Business blogs provide your small business a chance to share expertise and experience with a wide audience. If you are a consultant or a knowledge worker then blogs can prove to be the most important tool for increasing your business. So, this is the right time. If you don’t have a blog then create it and get started.

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